Flame Retardants that need warning label on clothes and furniture are in SPF

The Huffington Post reported on the dangers of flame retardants and questions why the US still uses chemicals that are known carcinogens. Almost all clothing and furniture that has these retardants in them must have a warning label. Why is it that the spray foam companies do not have to issue any warning OR even disclose that Chlorinated Tris is in their foam??
We had our entire home sprayed with Demilec Sealection 500 think about the amount of foam – approx 17,000) and in chamber tests done by AQS (Greenguard Certification Lab) at a very low temp of 73 degrees, Tris was leaching out of the foam????
So a 6×6 sample leaches Chlorinated Tris at 73 degrees, what and how much do you think it will leach (off gas) under a roof deck in the summer at 115 degrees.
Talk about chronic exposure.
Our foam was not the only foam sample to off gas Tris, across the board, I have been told by a respected source that Tris off gasses out of all tested foams.

So our baby seats, mattresses, PJ’s all heed a warning, but the insulation (remind me again why people think this is a ‘green’ product) is allowed to say nothing and in fact call their product ‘relatively inert’.