Are you worried about your spray foam insulation?

If you are concerned that your home spray foam insulation is making you feel sick or has an odor,  is crusty or too soft or irritates your eyes, throat, chest, head or gives you body aches, or are coughing while in your home, it is time to get an inspection.

Not all foam looks bad to be bad.

If you feel sick in your home and you have spray foam insulation, please contact us at foamproblem (at)

We can provide you with referrals in your area that understand SPF.

Bette to know if your home is a bath of SPF off gassing before more damage is done.



Hmmm, Lots of Damage Control Going On Among The SPF Companies Lately


Perhaps it’s the warmer weather and people who have not used their AC since their foam was installed are now smelling it for the first time? Whatever it is, people are coming out of the woodwork! I am sorry to … Continue reading

Demilec Sealection 500 – another foam removal home

Wow, how can a company keep denying there may be a serious issue with their product. Do they really think we all want to spend thousands of dollars for the fun of removing their foam?
Check out for another sad look into what all of us Demilec homeowners are facing.

Even with our home completely free of the spray foam (removal is complete) we can still smell it. Now we will test the air to see if the foam vapors contaminated all of our cedar framing and sheathing during install. Will this ever end?