Hello ‘Green’ Architects and Builders, start doing your homework – SPF is not a ‘green’ Product

I am amazed at how many architects and ‘green’ builders continue to tell clients that spray foam is non toxic and is ‘GREEN’ Do your homework, people are paying you for your knowledge and expertise. There is NOTHING in the MSDS that is ‘green’ in Spray Foam. In fact everything listed is a known irritant at best.
Green Builders, Green Architects and Green Adviser’s please research the good and bad of every product you spec. Pay attention to trade secret on MSDS – THIS MEANS NO ONE DISCLOSES WHAT IS IN THE PRODUCT. Hence, no regulation.
Spray foam is a perfect example: Side B is approx 60-70% Trade Secret. Basically you have no idea what you are telling your client to spray in their new home. Further more if the install is not done EXACTLY perfect (weather, substrate temp, drum temp, hose temp, calibrated hoses, clean hoses, educated installer, temp of foam during the day, on ratio of side A and Side B, even how the drums (AKA chemicals) have been transported, stored ect then your final product is not what is tested to be INERT in a lab setting.
Your couch will off gas for 30 years at low levels and that is done in a controlled setting so imagine having a house filled with spray foam that was installed under a non controlled setting and tell me there is no off gassing.

Great Article from Tascon Industries against using Spray Foam

Aside from the obvious issues with spray foam that I talk about often, here is a great article on why SPF is not a good choice because all of the other dangers.